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Be glad of the toothbrushes we have today, you wouldn’t believe what people used to use for toothbrush bristles in the past.

No Toothbrush, No Bristles

The ancient Egyptians invented the fist kind of toothpaste around 5,000 B.C., yet they failed to invent a toothbrush to put this toothpaste on. Since there is no evidence of toothbrushes among the Egyptians at this time, it is believed that they just used their fingers to scrub the toothpaste on.

Speaking Of Splinters

How would you like to brush your teeth with a stick? Ouch! But in 3,500 B.C. ancient Babylonians used twigs with a frayed end as a toothbrush. They bit down on these “chewing sticks” to clean their teeth.

Geese and Pigs and Horses. Oh My!

Beginning in the 1500’s, bristles made of animal hair began to be used as a part of the toothbrush. The Chinese were one of the first ones to attach pig hairs to a piece of bone, and the Western world soon followed by trying to make bristles out of horse hair and even goose feathers.

Nylon, Finally

Believe it or not, animal hair had been used to clean teeth up until 1938. Nylon was invented the year before and later used as toothbrush bristles. We still use nylon bristles to clean our teeth today.