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Are you keeping your smile safe from the risk of tooth hazards that arise on a day-to-day basis? Your smile can be susceptible to numerous forms of dental damage that need to be treated immediately if they should occur. However, the best damage protection is damage prevention, so avoid unhealthy habits and risks that can destroy your smile.

In order to adequately protect your smile, it is important to always avoid products that can easily damage your teeth and gums. This can include extremely hard products that are known to cause oral accidents and injuries through chips and cracks. By chewing on corn on the cob, ice, cough drops or other hard products, you’re putting your mouth at risk for numerous dental damage ailments that can arise.

To help keep your smile safe from day-to-day life activities, visit your dentist for the opportunity to have a mouth guard fashioned for your teeth. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for protecting your teeth in times of need. If you are suffering from bruxism or another form of tooth grinding ailment, you will want to talk to your dentist about wearing a mouthguard or other similar oral appliances such as a bite guard or night plate.

For tooth hazard prevention in Sevierville, Tennessee, our team would love to assist you. For a thorough examination to determine which treatment will work best for you, you can set an appointment with Dr. J. Steve Morton by calling our dentist office at 865.453.1001.