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In order to keep your smile in optimum oral health, it’s a good idea to lower your risks for oral accidents. It is important to have oral emergency treatment plans in place to help minimize the damage as soon as possible. This can help lessen recovery time and give your smile the best chance for a successful recovery. Here are some important tips to remember:

– If you have any objects stuck between your teeth, it is important to make sure you exercise caution when trying to remove them. Never use a pen or other sharp object that can potentially damage your teeth and gums. Instead, use an interdental cleaner such as dental floss to gently and slowly dislodge the product.

– If you have lost a dental filling, it is important to cover the vulnerable area with a piece of sugarless gum or an over the counter dental cement. If you have lost a dental crown, cover the vulnerable area with a cotton swab dabbed in clove oil.

-If you have any teeth that are knocked out, it may be possible to reinsert them back into their sockets once again. Collect the lost tooth and store it in a liquid until you can visit your dentist. Ideally, the best chance of having the tooth reinserted can be accomplished if you visit your dentist within 1 hour.

Make sure to take diligent care of your oral health care through the use of oral emergency treatment planning, so that your smile can last for ages. If have an oral emergency, or want to schedule a comprehensive oral examination with Dr. J. Steve Morton and our team at J. Steve Morton, DDS, give us a call at 865.453.1001. Our dentist office is suitably located in Sevierville, Tennessee.