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A partial or complete denture is often used to help replicate the basic function of missing or significantly compromised teeth. When a denture is originally created the base is designed to closely match the natural oral structure to provide a firm and comfortable fit.

As time goes on structural changes in the underlying oral bones can start to cause the denture to feel a little loose. This process, which is known as oral atrophy might be mitigated at first by applying some extra denture adhesive.

However, as oral atrophy progresses the denture adhesive will likely prove to be less and less effective at holding the denture in place. In some of these cases, the changes in oral structure can also cause the base of the denture to rub uncomfortably on the gums.

With early attention, a dentist like Dr. J. Steve Morton might be able to make some minor adjustments to the base of the denture. The process might also include realigning some of the teeth to provide the unit with a more comfortable fit and efficient function.

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