Your smile would not be complete after a dental cleaning unless we polished your teeth for a dazzling shine. While tooth polishing helps your smile look beautiful, there is actually an important health reason why we do it. By smoothing the surface of your tooth, our dental team is actually protecting your smile from tooth decay and bacteria. When your tooth enamel becomes rough, it creates patches that plaque and tartar can get trapped in. Plaque and tartar foster bacterial growth, which can eventually lead to infection and decay. Tooth polishing in Sevierville, Tennessee allows us to remove these rough patches to prevent plaque from accumulating.

The most common way to polish a tooth is to use a small, motorized rubber cup filled with a polishing paste. As the rubber cup rotates over your tooth’s surface, it applies the paste to gently polish and smooth your tooth enamel. Our dental team at Dr. J. Steve Morton’s office loves when you love your smile, but we are also committed to putting your overall oral health first. We invite you to schedule your appointment with our talented dentist today so we can begin taking care of your smile. We look forward to working with you!