If you are missing multiple teeth, Dr. J. Steve Morton, our practiced dentist, may recommend dentures as a solution. Removable and less invasive than other tooth replacement options, dentures are a great option for our patients looking for a simple but effective way to replace lost teeth. We are pleased to offer two different types of dentures in Sevierville, Tennessee, partial dentures and complete dentures.

Partial dentures, sometimes referred to simply as partials, are used to replace missing teeth when some natural teeth remain in your smile. Your gums, natural teeth, and metal framework are all used to support the partial denture. Complete dentures, on the other hand, replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower dental arch, or both. Complete dentures rest fully on the gums and can also be held in place by a denture adhesive.

There are many benefits to dentures. Typically, dentures are more affordable than other methods of replacing teeth. Since dentures are not permanent, we can also make changes more easily over time based on your individual dental needs. We are excited to use dentures to help restore your smile and your confidence. To learn more, please contact a member of our friendly dental team today.