At Dr. J. Steve Morton’s dental office, we strive to provide you and your family with advanced dental care in a gentle environment. As part of this commitment to you, our patients, we are pleased to provide custom-made mouth guards and night guards. Mouth guards and night guards are used for a variety of reasons. In general, mouth guards are used to protect your teeth, while night guards prevent certain oral conditions that occur during sleep.

Mouth guards are popular amongst athletes and those living active lifestyles. Fitted over the teeth to protect your smile, mouth guards in Sevierville, Tennessee protect the teeth from injury and trauma. Mouth guards are especially useful when playing high-contact sports, such as basketball, football, rugby, soccer, and wrestling. Night guards also fit over the teeth and sometimes help reposition the lower jaw slightly forward. Our friendly dentist often recommends night guards to prevent and treat snoring and to stop your teeth from grinding together.

We love your smile and take your overall oral health very seriously. We provide mouth guards and night guards to make sure that your smile lasts a lifetime. If you are interested in learning more about our custom dental appliances, we encourage you to give us a call today. We are eager to solve all of your dental needs.