Are Mouthguards Right for You?

What would it be like if you suddenly found yourself missing a few teeth? Did you know that if you play sports, this is a real possibility? To help you keep your smile safe, we recommend wearing a mouthguard when you play any sport. Please don’t misunderstand; this includes contact sports like hockey and football,… Read more »

Guardians Of The Night: How A Night Guard Can Protect Your Teeth

When you sleep, your teeth have the opportunity to rest and rebuild after a long day of chewing and speaking. However, if you grind or clench your teeth while you sleep, they do not get the rest they need. In fact, this grinding and clenching (called bruxism) can cause jaw pain, headaches, and broken teeth…. Read more »

How To Floss Your Child’s Teeth

Your teeth need to be flossed at least once a day, and this is the same case with your child’s teeth. Baby teeth are important for speaking, chewing, and acting as a placeholder for permanent teeth, so it is very important that they are kept healthy through good oral hygiene practices. However, you may find… Read more »

Toothbrush Bristles Over Time

Be glad of the toothbrushes we have today, you wouldn’t believe what people used to use for toothbrush bristles in the past. No Toothbrush, No Bristles The ancient Egyptians invented the fist kind of toothpaste around 5,000 B.C., yet they failed to invent a toothbrush to put this toothpaste on. Since there is no evidence… Read more »

Read to Your Kids and Improve Their Dental Health

A child who learns great dental health habits becomes an adult with great dental health habits. To this end, the American Dental Association sponsors “National Children’s Dental Health Month” every February, in hopes of raising awareness among children (and their parents) about the importance of maintaining good oral health. But how can a family incorporate… Read more »