Dental Restorations for Positive Oral Health

Did you know your oral health is linked to conditions like heart disease and high blood pressure? Well, it’s true! Keeping up with your oral health is vital especially during the Halloween season. With so many treats around, it’s important to remember the importance of your oral health. That is why our team here at… Read more »

A Badly Decayed Tooth Might Be Lost and Needs Restoration by a Bridge

If a cavity on one of your teeth goes ignored long enough the decay can spread beyond the enamel layer of the tooth to compromise the pulp and the root. Sometimes this decay can be so extensive that your dentist simply cannot save it by any conventional means. The tooth might need to be extracted… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry for a Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth because of trauma or decay can be an uncomfortable experience, but did you know it can actually be detrimental to your health? Unfortunately, losing teeth can lead to a number of oral problems and have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Naturally, you should have your tooth replaced to restore your functionality, but… Read more »

Signs that Suggest Replacing Your Child’s Toothbrush

If you’re curious to know when it’s the best time to replace your child’s darling dinosaur toothbrush, our team is more than happy to help you! It’s very important to replace your child’s toothbrush at the right times; otherwise, their brush will harm their smile more than help it. Your dentist, Dr. , and our… Read more »

Teething Baby? We can Help!

Most parents would do virtually anything to keep their babies happy. However there is a time in every infant’s life that parents dread—teething. But, is your baby actually teething? Do you know the signs? What are the symptoms? What can you do for you little one if they are teething? Here are some ideas you… Read more »

Mouthwash: Does it Help?

Do you ever wonder if using mouthwash can really help your oral care? Would a mint be enough to combat your bad breath? If you’ve ever wondered if you should add mouthwash to your oral routine, we’re happy to give you a few answers. Fortunately, using mouthwash can be beneficial. In fact, using mouthwash can… Read more »

Bruxism: Back to the Old Grind

Do you wake up with pain in your jaw or headaches? These can be symptoms of bruxism, more commonly known as tooth grinding. Bruxism is a common problem in adults and children, and can lead to serious problems if not treated. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reduce tooth grinding. Bruxism has… Read more »

Bleaching Gel Can Whiten Significantly Stained Teeth

Dark stains on your teeth from things like tobacco use, dark foods and drinks can leave you with an unappealing smile. The depth and degree of staining on the teeth in your smile will go a long way towards determining which whitening products and procedures are called for to effectively whiten your smile. It’s a… Read more »

Correcting Bad Breath

Do you suffer from halitosis, which is commonly called bad breath? There are a variety of methods to reach a mouth that feels fresh and clean. Brush and floss more often. The buildup on your teeth, which is called plaque, collects the bacteria that causes halitosis. Be sure to brush your teeth twice daily and… Read more »

Dental Tooth Bleaching Procedure Creates the Whitest Smile Possible

It’s not uncommon for age, tobacco use, or dark foods and drinks, to dull your once bright white smile. Many people with dull or stained teeth choose to investigate their whitening options. Before starting any whitening regimen, you should first talk to your dentist. They are trained to help guide and assist you in reaching… Read more »