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Inconsistencies in your daily oral hygiene routine can leave food particles and sugar residue in your mouth. In just a short amount of time, this can cause plaque acids to build up in your mouth. If this occurs on a daily basis it can gradually start to weaken the mineral density of your tooth enamel.

Without remediation your demineralized tooth enamel can leave your teeth at increasing risk of suffering cavities and tooth sensitivity complications.

Exposing your teeth to fluoride can help reverse this process of demineralization and restore the mineral strength of your tooth enamel. One fast and efficient way to do this is to have Dr. J. Steve Morton administer a fluoride treatment at the end of your routine dental exam.

Dr. J. Steve Morton will start the treatment process by pouring a concentrated fluoride gel into trays held in your mouth for a few minutes. You should avoid eating or drinking for at least half an hour after the treatment to allow the fluoride to have maximum effect.

Going forward you should make sure you are brushing your teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste to help maintain the strength of your tooth enamel.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your daily oral hygiene routine, you should feel free to ask Dr. J. Steve Morton.

If you live in the Sevierville, Tennessee, area and you are concerned about the strength of your teeth, you should call 865.453.1001 to schedule a checkup with fluoride treatment at J. Steve Morton, DDS.